4 thought-provoking insights during COVID by Julie Furlong

Be the change that you wish to see in the world. Mahatma Gandhi

Here we go again, thrown out of our comfort zones, overwhelmed by another lockdown (maybe a little less fear this time, I would say). What will happen next, we ask ourselves? Is COVID going to go on forever? Are we just going to have to just learn to live with the restrictions or will the vaccination rollout succeed? Will we ever get out of this situation… and when?

My way of thinking now is to accept the drawbacks and discomforts, be aware, acknowledge the change, and get on with it. We all hate change, but change does bring progress eventually and if we don’t change, we don’t grow. We have this moment and we should make it a catalyst to help us learn more about ourselves and take the opportunity to try new things… little by little. (Read: COVID-19 - A time for humanity, unity and kindness).

For me, I am trying to turn the situation into another opportunity and steer the change in the right direction, one step at a time, little by little. I have been working out how I’m going to enjoy the steps in this moment, making positive lifestyle and work adjustments, to improve my relationships as well as my environment. It’s an opportunity to declutter my mind and my home, an opportunity to slow down and reflect. An opportunity to show compassion, be kinder and connect deeper with those around me. (Read: 16 Inspiring life lessons).

Little by little, COVID has made me work harder on the person I want to be, developing a new process of thinking and doing. Knowing, within myself, I will learn more and survive the challenge. I know if I’m patient enough and do the best I can, it will all work in my favour. Little by little.

It’s during these times when you question yourself and find the courage to start considering change. It’s the courage that lies within you, the courage you didn’t know you even had. Eventually, this dreaded COVID will resolve itself into something we can all live with. Know we are in this together and if we all make a conscious effort to learn, lead, be humble and treat others with kindness, everything will be okay again.

No matter how bad things get, remember you have been through adversity in the past. Remember those who live unconsciously and have betrayed you and have let you down intentionally… yet taught you to be stronger. Know that today is just part of a phase that makes up your life. Some phases of life will bring you all the joy, fun and pleasures you could ever dream of and other phases are harsh, disappointing and hard to believe and accept. Sooner or later, little by little, the little becomes a lot and those goals which you thought were impossible and so far away, will arrive.

Now is the time to be patient, to slowly adjust and change, as change is the only constant in our lives and little by little we can make the most of that and plough through it because if you are not flexible to change and don’t embrace it, you will be disappointed.

Have patience and little by little you can work through it, improve and grow. And to do so, keep the following in mind

  1. Accept the drawbacks
  2. Be aware of opportunity
  3. Acknowledge the change
  4. Get on with it

In the middle of what can feel so unbelievable, there still are so many heart-warming and positive stories unfolding. These acts of kindness demonstrate our humility and collective compassion that can be accomplished with a conscience effort to change and adapt with a common goal in mind (Read: The power of self awareness). It is okay to feel sad or let down during this phase but know that if you put the little by little mindset and effort in, something else will come along, as a result of all the challenging things that have happened. So be patient and little by little things will improve. Not being comfortable and in control is a good thing as the rainbow only comes after the rain and it will teach you a lot. Accept what is and what will be, and it will all be okay once again…

To help you through, try and be mindful of this little mantra where ever you go, Little by little.



Look around you and work out how you can step forward and be part of the solutions and the amazing acts of kindness, generosity and optimism you see and witness in your community. Be part of moving humanity forward. Be part of helping others, rather than being fearful of the future and think about the opportunities you can create. Here's a few tips I've written to remind yourself during this time.


The trick is to understand not all situations are going to go your way, but within accepting yourself and the rejections, a few opportunities will shine through and you will embrace the ones that do. It’s a tough lesson and comes at a cost. If you can accept this and live by a few simple truths, your vulnerability will one day have its pay day. Here are some tips to help you persevere while you are feeling vulnerable.


Self-awareness allows you to let any judgement, opinions and verbal abuse flow through you without you feeling emotional, upset, attacked or just simply down and out. Take time to learn about yourself and find inner peace.

Thank you for taking the time to read this inspirational blog about life. I hope this creative blog helps you to be inspired and live your dreams, developing some good life habits and positive thinking. The intention of this creative and light-hearted site is for you to live a better, happier life that enhances your own emotional intelligence skills, based on my own life experiences. Please enjoy!




NOVEMBER 25, 2020

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