Please enjoy these posts and quotes as a practical, creative and realistic guide to achieving balance in your life. Hopefully this will inspire you to keep things simple and focus on what matters most.
My name is Julie Furlong and every month, I introduce a relevant topic designed to create space in your mind. This month’s topic for March 2018 is: Living the now.
Because we live in the NOW with instant fulfilment and gratification, so many of us have accepted a life that is not to our liking, that includes too many things in it that cause us too much trouble. Even to the point where we don't know how to manage it all. My advice is don’t be led down the path of wanting everything right now. Practice some planning and working out what the things are worth waiting for, especially the important things.
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by Julie Furlong

by Julie Furlong


The days of taking photos on cameras and getting super excited about developing and printing them are over. I remember when I was younger, cameras would pop out of the handbag at the appropriate time and we would take photographs on holidays and at gatherings or celebrations. We would then wait in anticipation to have them developed. It was always so exciting to pick them up a week later to see how they turned out.


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