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12 Meaningful ways to become a better woman by Julie Furlong

When I look around at the women I get to interact with in my life on a regular basis, I am constantly blown away by how smart, funny, loving, hard-working, but most of all, how capable they are. I am so impressed with how they show up in the world. The way they juggle their careers and families, with pleasure and an open heart. Even when things are tough.

I recently went on a weekend away with a few of these amazing women. After spending time with them, it reminded me how important it was to continue to grow, check-in with myself and aim towards being a better woman. Becoming the woman I want to be. It reminded me that life isn't so much about what you do – it's more about who you are.  (Read: 4 Simple questions that will help you realise what matters most)

We have all made mistakes in life and paid the consequences. But in my experience, throughout all my horrible, unpleasant times, I’ve personally always had a belief somewhere deep inside, I would be ok. We’re all learning as we go, juggling priorities, making mistakes and figuring out what we can do.

Sometimes, I am the woman who is not perfect, I have flaws, make mistakes, and get disappointed. However, as I grow and experience situations, I realise… that I’ll live, and that I would learn from whatever terrible situation I’d put myself in at that time, being a better woman as a result.

We all have the ability to define who we want to be and go after it. I hope that you choose to use this content as inspiration for your own personal growth to becoming the woman that you want to be too. Here are some areas to aim for;

  • Be the woman who champions other women. Wanting others to be successful, happy, loved, safe and healthy. (Read: 12 Signs to know you've found a true best friend)
  • Be the woman to take on challenges, face fears and accepts the things that she cannot change.
  • Be the woman who is the believer in people without judgement.
  • Be the woman who approaches things with an optimistic mind.
  • Be the woman who is kind, open-hearted and loving. Aware of the feelings of everyone around her and takes care of people, with empathy and mindfulness.
  • Be the woman who is confident in her strengths without overplaying them. Yet aware of her weaknesses, without letting them get to her or holding her back from pursuing her dreams.
  • Be the woman who isn’t afraid of taking risks and making mistakes, taking criticism as feedback to learn and move forward. Even though moving forward is hard at times.
  • Be the woman who creates a good life for her children/family.
  • Be the woman who flows through life with integrity, compassion and honesty – without anger and bitterness.
  • Be the woman who laughs at herself. (Read: 10 Important reasons we all need to laugh)
  • Be the woman who is comfortable in her own skin, following her instincts.
  • Be the woman who makes an effort to engage with anyone who may be ordinary, quiet, shy, or unpopular, you never know what you will learn from them.

We know women aren’t always nice to each other, in fact some women can be terrible to each other. Women simply behave that way because they are insecure about their own imperfections; they have competitive drive and anxieties over not measuring up, growing up with resentment over things that have happened in the past.

Luckily, not all the women are horrible, I know women who’ve struggled, who’ve made bad decisions, who have experienced hurt. These women are still wonderful human beings (Read: 10 Simple tips to start over again and make your dreams a reality). Just because they have made bad decisions, it does not mean they are bad people. They are still able to show kindness to others and teach us about strength. It’s a shame not all women see it from the same perspective of lifting each other up, wanting others to be successful and happy. It’s easy to be kind, it’s easy to learn and it is easy to grow to shift your perspective where you too can be more like the woman you want to be – understanding the direction you are heading in and thinking about continuing on to aim towards being the better woman.

So, I ask you, look into your future – is this the woman you want to be?

Thank you for taking the time to read this inspirational blog about life. I hope this creative blog helps you to be inspired and live your dreams, developing some good life habits and positive thinking. The intention of this creative and light-hearted site is for you to live a better, happier life that enhances your own emotional intelligence skills, based on my own life experiences. Please enjoy!




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