July 1, 2017


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What Matters Most?

I got the shock of my life recently, something happened that I never thought would happen. I got it in the guts and was left speechless and in disbelief. After the tears and trying to make sense of everything, all I could think was WHY? I could never in my life do that to anyone, knowing I would make them feel so unhappy and deeply hurt. I guess we all have these moments in life, don’t we? You can probably think of a few yourself. And when it happens, the only thing to do is sit back. reflect and think hard about what matters the most. (Also read: Being Resilient )Like it or not, at some point it all comes to an end, right? And what will matter is how your family and friends remember you.

I thought about what really matters the most to me and this is what I asked myself first…

  1. Am I living a life of integrity and honesty?
  2. Do I treat others with respect?
  3. Am I kind to those who are the closest to me and love me the most?
  4. Do I do everything within my control to ensure my children and those I love are happy, healthy and safe?

Money and success will, at some point in your life, no longer be important. What will matter the most is how you lived, how you treated others, the relationships you kept, and the fact that you were honest enough to yourself to deliver on your beliefs and what you really stand for, rather than making adjustments or turning a blind eye for people’s approval. (Read: Start Over)

So, think about it…what matters the most to you?


Here are a few things I’ve decided will matter to me at the end:

  • Not where I came from but where I end up.
  • How generous I was with my time, wealth and energy.
  • The significance I will leave behind, especially with my children.
  • Did I try my best? Did I do the right thing?
  • Who did I help? Who did I teach? What did I sacrifice? Who did I protect?
  • Not how many people knew me, but that I left a lasting impression on those I knew well.
  • The self-investment I made to my mind, body and wellbeing, providing me with the ability to thrive and be my best.
  • Making my moments count, moments that will make an impact on those around me, with no regrets.
  • Being honest with myself and making a significant change when I had to do so.

I challenge you this month, to ask yourself some questions and come up with your own list of what will matter the most to you. Life is not an easy pursuit. Don’t just live a subconscious life; live a conscious one that matters. So yep, absolutely, more than one person who you thought you could trust will surprise you and let you down one day. But, when that does happen may I suggest all you do is continue to be who you are, maintain your own beliefs. Don’t hold grudges, do a random act of kindness, and be thankful for the problems you don’t have. No matter what someone may do to you some day, you are not them and you are not the one who let someone down. My advice is, forget about those who let you down, deal the hand in front of you, continue on and be your best. Then sleep like a baby not only in this life, but in any others ahead of you. (Also read: Good Life Habits)


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Comments (12)

  1. What is important to me is treating others how I want to be treated. Anyone who does not ask the same gets ignored.

  2. Those are all really great things to have decided will matter greatly to you. A lot of them I think most people can relate with, especially the significance we leave behind with our children. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Feeling that sense of betrayal and being let down by someone you thought would never do such a thing is very hard, but it is something we will all eventually experience. Staying true to yourself and your values is so important. Figuring out what is most important to you and living your life accordingly is really what it is all about.

  4. Quite necessary that we all ask ourselves these questions. Only then we can be close to being perfect individuals and perfect society

  5. Wow I love this reflective post, really put things into perspective. A great reminder of what is really important in life.

  6. Every day we wake up, we ought to ask ourselves a simple question: How can I be of service to my fellow man/woman today? It begins in our hearts and homes. All the studies I’ve seen on people dying show that it’s our relationships and loved ones we hold dearest at that last moment not the nonsense.

  7. You always want to be generous with your time. You just never know who might need your assistance.

  8. I think treating others with respect is what matters most to me, I feel like everyone deserves it, no matter what their social status or place in life is. I love how reflective this post is.

  9. For me, the most important thing is if I am happy with where I am at. It fuels me to do better or take a breather in life.

  10. Great article. I believe in being honest with myself and to others…

  11. Great I like it a lot.

  12. I agree, honesty is the best policy. Thanks for your comment, Ankita.