November 1, 2016


Protect your level of happiness

Good life habits…
Ups and downs in life….yep, I have experienced plenty. Love, disappointment, children, divorce, success, loss, betrayal, satisfaction, rejection, excitement, achievement and fulfillment – just to name a few. These painful, heartbreaking and beautifully breathtaking moments leave us with our life memories. Memories that make all of us stronger along our life path. I know the more ups and downs I’ve had, stronger I have become – wiser because I made the mistakes, happier because I had the sadness, resilient because I have experienced the criticism. People (and things) have left my life that I never thought would go and I’ve had obstacles that I never thought would stand in my way.

During the good times, it is always so easy to think positively, but when you experience those hard times (and we all do), with a combination of self-doubt and low self-esteem at times, it seems such a struggle to bounce back and exercise good habits into your life. We don’t always see that we’re going to make it out, or how far we’ll get at all. For most, this is a time to lean on your most trusted circle to provide what strength and advice they can. I also try and remember to practice some core ‘good life habits and rituals’ to get me through all those uncertainties that our wonderful lives have to offer.


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