June 1, 2016



Recently, my partner completed a well-known yacht race; the Sydney to Hobart. It was a great achievement for him and if you are a keen sailor it’s definitely one for the bucket list, which requires mental strength. Personally, I could not think of anything worse than sharing a bathroom with ten others on the high seas and feeling sick every moment of the five night adventure (not to mention shivering to the point where jumping into the sea may seem a justifiable option). However, as the crew sailed closer to the finish line, I found myself overwhelmed with excitement for them. The feeling of pride when they finally arrived into Constitution Bay was overwhelming; the atmosphere steeped in seaman comradery and excitement.

Being part of the celebrations in the hours following provided an invaluable insight, on the back of which I realised an important point. What was clear throughout these conversations is that you can have all the physical strength in the world, but if you lack the mental strength, you are not going to get where you want to go… whether it be that ultimate adventure, or just getting through your working day, week and year. (more…)


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