April 1, 2017


Stay motivated and inspired… break the cycle of apathy

Motivate Me
It’s easy to get into the apathetic spiral, to procrastinate and make up excuses. You fail at something a couple of times; a new project is not working; your career becomes boring; you begin to avoid difficult tasks in your life; you feel overwhelmed and slowly lose interest. All of a sudden, your motivation and inner drive disappears and it begins to feel impossible to get going again. It happens to all of us.

Normally, I just do whatever has to be done to get through the day, with little or no interest. Every project or task set upon me is met with a ‘yeah, whatever’. It can be so, so easy to fall into the trap of feeling deflated when things have not gone my way.

Feeling low or dwelling on the problem solves nothing — we all know that. You just feel worse and ultimately even less motivated. I find that the more aware, mindful and in the moment I am, the faster I am able to steer my actions and regain motivation and control over my routine. (Good Life Habits)



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