May 1, 2017


what’s your worry

What’s your worry?
While I would not call myself a constant worrier, I do worry at times. Little concerns sometimes buzz around in my head, and mostly I am worrying about things that have not even happened. When I am in my worry phase, ‘what if’ questions start entering my mind, which realistically only exist among the pixies in my head. And if you are anything like me, very few worries are as painful or terrible as imagined, and are often just nonsense made up in our own minds.

Feeling that I must worry about a small or big problem will do nothing for me, and in a world where our thoughts control how we feel, this is when it’s time to sit back and remind myself, I do not need the unnecessary worrying in life. Unnecessary worrying is an unproductive habit that will never amount to anything positive. I intentionally train and remind my mind to not worry. (Self Talk) Then I tell myself to look at the big picture — how bad is it really?



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