March 1, 2017


practice resilience

Being Resilient
Regardless of our age, challenging experiences are ALWAYS upon us. Our ability to roll with the punches will determine how well we cope with these times in order to keep moving forward and functioning effectively. The one thing I often do when I am in this situation is to maintain a clear sense of what I am trying to achieve and remind myself that I am a fighter, not a victim! Thoughts like these are the ones that help me practice resilience… the inner mind strength within us all (Mental Strength) to help us bounce back, whilst continuing to develop along the way.

As we get older, more and more challenges come along in life. We lose a job, our relationships break down, someone close to us passes, friends move away. I have experienced all of these, and learnt that the more resilient I am, the more I grow, the stronger I become and the less overwhelmed I am about the situation. This does not mean that we experience less stress, loss or anxiety. It just means that dwelling on the problem solves nothing, and we have recognised that fact.



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