July 1, 2016


positive thinking

I have always been conscious of what I am saying to myself and how I am saying it. Looking back on some of the most challenging times throughout my career, as well as my personal life, I have come to believe that this ‘inner chatter’ of positive thinking is what got me through those moments. The one person you chat to daily is yourself, within your own mind. These self-reflexive thoughts we communicate to ourselves, control both the way we feel and act, and ultimately turn from mere thoughts into reality. It is only by becoming fully aware of our thoughts that we can catch the ones that are negative and stop them in their tracks.

The following 10 tips about your thought patterns with some positive thinking will hopefully inspire and motivate you to create a positive future. With some practice, you can completely control the way you think, and it is such habitual thought patterns that will ultimately determine your level of happiness…


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