December 1, 2016


Give more than you take

Generous People
Christmas is here and is all about giving, so I felt it was timely I write about this topic – the topic of generosity. If you are anything like me, gifts are on the mind RIGHT NOW and you are thinking what to give to who this year, way in advance.

But, why should we be waiting until Christmas to practice some generosity and to be generous? It takes so little and it is so easy to be generous, it should be a daily practice in all of us, right? I’m a true believer in giving – generosity is in my blood. My parents were extremely generous, even though they had very little, they would have given the shirts off their backs for anyone less fortunate, or for anyone that came into their lives for that matter. Being generous makes me feel good, inside and out. There is nothing that gives me more pleasure than to watch someone enjoy my generosity or being part of and witnessing someone else giving in some way.

I don’t believe you become wealthy in life and then you decide to be generous. I just believe that some people give and some people just don’t – there are plenty of people with little money but are the most generous people I know. When I think of someone who is generous, I think nice things about that person. Don’t you just love generous people, what a wonderful trait to have! While, on the other hand, there are others with loads of money who don’t give (well not for no reason). I know of many who are rich and are unbelievably tight with money, usually these types only give when they are in the presence of others to look good or give for something in return… I am sure you can think of a few as well!


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