January 1, 2017


Be you, your true, real, unique self

Be you, your true, real, unique self

I know for sure, especially when I was younger, that I was often reluctant to give myself a go and be, me, my true, real, unique self and embrace who I really am. I was often afraid to be instantly judged and fearful that people would talk behind my back and not accept me. The truth I did not know then, but most certainly know now, was that the people who make an impact on humanity are the ones who are the most different and unique and unfortunately, often do feel excluded. Your true strength and beauty is your own uniqueness. Remember there is only one YOU, and the people who stand out the most and make a true difference are the people who exercise their individuality and are themselves, rather than trying to conform and be like others. What a shame too much of our time is spent on attempting to be normal, trying to look normal and trying to fit in and be like everyone else. Being yourself enables you to pass on optimism and positive energy, which forms good life habits to the people in your circle.



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