being grateful for simple things
May 1, 2016


Be grateful for the simple things

Like many, my childhood days, were amongst the happiest of my life. We lived a simple life, but our lives were nonetheless joyous, adventurous and filled with loads of good fun. Happiness was always found in small things on a regular day. As life progresses, it’s sad to see that some of us lose sight of the simple things. We forget the modest lifestyles, silliness and simple pleasures of our pasts. In searching for more, we often end up feeling surprisingly dissatisfied. Focusing on the adult equivalents of the simple pleasures we once enjoyed can reinvigoratean appreciation of uncomplicated pleasures, reducing stress, increasing our gratitudeand allowing us to live richer, happier lives in the present. For the last few years I have focused on enjoying the simple things that make me happy which has truly de-cluttered many elements of my life and made me get into the habit of focusing what is important and what is not.

Here are a few of my simple pleasures, why not take some time to think about yours…

  1. Listening to some of my favourite music.
  2. Belly laughing and meaningless chat with my friends who understand me.
  3. Special treats like cherries, grapes, ricotta cheese cake and white chocolate.
  4. Being creative (in any way).
  5. Fresh, tasty and innovative meal combinations matched with good wine.
  6. Doing something for someone else to make them happy.
  7. A sunny clear day ahead.
  8. The end of a very productive week.
  9. Watching my children grow, dream, laugh and become little men.
  10. Fresh flowers in the house.
  11. Listening to what children say to one another – it can be very funny!

What are your top simple things?

Why not take one minute, and reflect on what you enjoy love and appreciate. You may realise that not only do you have more than you thought but will redirect your focus to the positive side of your life. As the saying goes, most of the simple pleasures in life are free. Identifying these basic pleasures is an easy way of reminding ourselves of those things we can be grateful for, while encouraging us to more frequently engage with the things that make us relaxed, happy and fulfilled. Do something for yourself, do something for others,be you and enjoy the life you have been given.


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  1. Good point. I hadn’t thhguot about it quite that way. 🙂