August 1, 2017


What is it that keeps us or gets us on the ‘happiness track’? Nobody is always going to be in a constant state of happiness, but it’s definitely possible to do some ‘happy planning’ every now and then. After more consideration and thinking and digging a little deeper, I decided to write the August post about what we can do daily to live a happier life. Happiness is very much in your control and when you learn to choose (and you really do have a choice), it gradually becomes a norm and more happiness will come. Big changes come from minor things you do every day, so it’s better to focus on the little things you can do something about while practicing a more productive life filled with rich relationships, good health and vitality.

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Comments (7)

  1. You should totally take stock of your happiness every once in a while. You can’t make changes for the better otherwise!

  2. I have been finding my happiness through self awareness and helping others to find theirs. I was determined that 2017 would be different for me and I’ve achieved that already. I want to end it on a happiness high note! 😁

  3. Exactly right, you need to take time to plan some happiness. Thanks for your comment😊

  4. You’re SO right. Happiness IS a choice! I can’t wait to see how you help us all to choose it this month!

  5. Yes, Kristen, choosing to be happy is essential. Thanks for your comment😊

  6. Yes, helping others is a big plus for happiness. Thanks for your comment 😊

  7. I have been finding happiness by doing my best to not get overwhelmed and seeing the joy in even the littlest things. I learned from my 8-year old that the study of laughter is “Jello-ology” that sure gave me a smile.