February 1, 2017


Learn from the past and let go

There are some things (and stages) we go through in life that we struggle to let go of… the memories left behind that we would rather forget. When we should be learning from our mistakes and moving on, there are some of those moments that we just can’t let go of. We’re brought down with regret, thinking of the things that should never have happened to us or the things we should have never had done.

The world is not perfect. We want it to be, but unfortunately there is always something that comes up. People will piss us off, we have to work or do things we don’t necessary want to do, we have to engage with people we don’t particularly like, people constantly want our attention, the bills need to be paid, there is always too much to do and mistakes and regrets are bound to happen at some point. We hold onto and attach ourselves to what we want the world and people to be like. There will never be a time when life is simple, however your willingness to LET GO will provide clear space and energy to start fresh memories. We all know anger and resentment are toxic and these feelings will keep you in the past, which does not have anything new to offer. Life is too short to dwell on it, so practice accepting that there is a chance to let go to feel peace within yourself.

Here are some ways to get started:

  • Timing is everything – Accept, be thankful, learn, believe, take control and recognise it’s time to move on, keep repeating this in your mind  (Self Talk). What is done is done, there is no going back, so invest in positive thoughts and behaviour and move forward.
  • Create new memories – Make the most out of creating new memories, each day is an opportunity to make new memories happen – so make the most of it!
  • Try something new – Try and do the things that you always wanted to do (which you have not done yet), learn a new skill instead of dwelling on the skills you never mastered. Make a list, NOW! (Starting Over)
  • Focus on what you can change for a brighter future. Don’t waste your energy on worrying about the things you can’t change or influence.
  • Will it matter down the track? Realise that many of the things you’re worrying about don’t really matter in the grand scheme of life and believe you don’t have to have it all 100% figured out. Be ok with the fact that some things will just come to you later and you will be ready to accept and embrace this.
  • Let go of the pressure of being perfect and having to control everything. Embrace and make a list of what you have accomplished – even the small things. You’ll have to let go of a little discontentment to make space for self-satisfaction.
  • Remove yourself from the situation for a while, take a break. Sometimes the best way to handle the situation and let go, is to remove yourself and when you are ready return to it with a fresh set of eyes, viewpoints and opinions.

Learning to let go is a big ask and quite a challenge, life will fly by and the past will always remain behind us. Mistakes will happen – learn from them, not letting go of the same thing over and over will do you no good. Never expect that things will be forgotten in your mind overnight, be patient. Perceptions and thoughts shape our feelings and actions and the way you respond to what you did in your past will decide on the present and future. The good news is that letting go of past experiences can change our future life. You are what you decide to become… not what has happened to you or what you have done in the past.


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    – —-that’s letting go with no regrets…

  2. I really loved this. Great message and really great graphics. It really stands out and is different from other blogs. Well done!

  3. Though I don’t want to forget any of my memories, good or bad, I fully agree that you can’t hold onto the past. Great infographic and tips on learning to let go of memories that sort of hold you hostage.

  4. I have such a hard time letting things go sometimes. I’m one of those people who lets simple mistakes bother me. Thanks for the great advice, and I love the graphic! (And now I’m going to be singing, “Let it Go,” from Frozen all day!)

  5. I love this! It is so true, and I know for me – letting go has led to some of the best surprises and special moments in my life.

  6. This post in itself is really great – I love the message of letting go and moving on from the past (so much that it’s really the major plot starter in ALL of my novels!), and I think it’s good that while you spoke of how important it is to let go of the past in order to build something good in the future, you also acknowledged the difficulty and gave people places to start from. But with that being said … while the post was fine on its own, the infographic you made to go with it is just TOO. CUTE.

  7. Yup, I have had to learn and let go. My mistakes have helped me to grow after all. I love your graphic by the way! Great job.

  8. Just my food for thought, in order to “let-go”, you need to learn about forgiveness. Learn to forgive yourself for you past mistakes, so you will never regret because everything experience builds your character. Forgive others for their wrongdoings for holding a grudge will only waste more energy. Forgiveness is key.


  9. As I read this and look at the illustration, my granddaughter comes to mind. She is always singing that song from Frozen, “Let It Go!” It is something we all need to learn to do better.

  10. Letting go of what has happened in the past and moving on has got to be one of the hardest things. I absolutely love your graphic!

  11. This is so fantastic, and so very important. It took me so long to learn many of the lessons here and nearly every day I was paying for it. It really can take so much weight off of your shoulders when you allow yourself to just let go. Beautiful infographic too 🙂

  12. A very relevant read. Such great insight on life. Great job!

  13. Definitely believe in this – the only wy to be successful and be happy is to be yourself!

  14. This is a lovely reminder for us to learn to move on and just let go of what happened in the past. I love the 6 steps that you have here. They’re tried and tested!

  15. You cannot go on and move forward if your past is hindering you to let go. Always keep in mind that everything happens for a reason, and there is always a room for improvement. Past experience makes you grow, learn and train you to be the person you are now. You don’t have to regret anything in the past. Someday you will know and realize why it all happened.

  16. i love this and how it shows how to move on, easy to say but a bit more diffuclt to do, thou there’s a stage when we let go of bad things easily too

  17. I love the look of your chart. This post has some very good advice.

  18. I think it is very important to let go of the past. For a long time I was letting my past control my life. It wasn’t until I let go of everything that I was able to actually live my life.

  19. I really love this post! So creative and inspiring. The one about creating new memories are words I live by.

  20. Never worry about anything or anyone else in certain situations. Be your self always

  21. I really like this post because it talks about something that messes with my mind all day. I’m constantly thinking about my past and I don’t enjoy my present life. Sometimes I wonder why… But your post will help me for sure! Thank you! xoxo

  22. Omg just love this!!! One should always stay true to yourself!!!!